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Complete Real Estate Group?

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Why Us

20+ Years Experience. With more than 20 years of experience, Complete Real Estate Group knows what it takes to provide quality customer service in real estate in Alberta. Whether its residential projects, new home purchases, selling options, community planning, or commercial leasing and sales services, Complete is your one-stop-shop for everything real estate in Alberta. Experience matters! We don't take that for granted.

We are accomplished. Over the years, Complete Real Estate Group has helped thousands of families find new homes, sell their own properties, lease and sell commercial spaces/land and assist in developments of major residential and commercial projects. From conceptual design, planning and layout to execution of each project, our accomplishments go above and beyond. Why? Because we have the team and support needed to complete each and every project, while helping it reach its full potential.

We outperform. Our team outperforms the competition and we specialize in building long lasting relationships and a culture based on honesty, trust and the highest integrity. We deliver quality that is second to none in the industry and strive to exceed expectations. We accomplish this with the attitude that each of our clients are our number one priority!

We provide innovative solutions. In this day and age, technology is quickly changing and AI is as adaptive as can be. These innovations have trickled down into the platform of Complete Real Estate Group, making our processes easy and efficient, while keeping our clients up to date and on track. From project planning to project management, our innovative technologies allow us to provide the best and most qualified service possible.

We've supported major projects. Complete Real Estate Group has partnered with many of the world's largest residential and commercial development companies, home builders, community planners and land developers for major projects in and around Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.  These large scale companies look to Complete Real Estate Group to provide services that are outside the box, but are both effective and efficient. From marketing ad campaigns to 3D community rendering projects to execution of sales, our services go unmatched.

We retain our clients. At Complete Real Estate Group, we believe in quality service. By providing quality services, we retain our clients, build our portfolio, be known as a leader in the industry and provide new and improved innovative and creative solutions. 

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