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Innovative Real Estate Solutions

We provide the best

Our Mission: To be the top real estate team in Canada and provide our clients with the best quality service they'll remember forever 

Why Us

We deliver the highest quality innovative real estate service with integrity and value ensuring our clients meet their goals.

Complete Real Estate approaches every project with our core values fully embraced which has led to our team's unsurpassed success in delivering quality real estate services and projects. In order to provide the best solutions, our real estate team of experts provides customized service, planning and advice top surpass all expectations and deliver quality service.

About Mark Calvelo

Mark Calvelo is the Founder of Complete Real Estate Group, leading a highly skilled team dedicated to serving clients in all aspects of real estate. With a strong focus on residential, commercial, pre-sales, and project marketing, Mark and his team excel in connecting buyers and sellers throughout Calgary and its surrounding areas.


At Complete Real Estate Group, our mission is to provide extraordinary quality of service to each client, fostering successful transactions and acting with unwavering honesty, integrity, and truth. With us, you can expect discreet, conscientious attention as we guide you through your real estate endeavors.


Drawing upon over 25 years of experience in the Calgary real estate market, Mark Calvelo possesses the expertise to ensure the seamless completion of your home transaction. His deep familiarity with the current and recent inventories of available homes, along with a keen understanding of area trends in valuation and time on the market, provides invaluable knowledge for both buyers and sellers.


Mark's dynamic personality and exceptional style perfectly complement the perseverance and stamina that have earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted and admired real estate professionals in the region. Together with the Complete Real Estate Group team, Mark possesses a natural repertoire of dynamic qualities that sets them apart, enabling them to successfully fulfill the goals of discerning buyers and sellers alike.

Director  |  Complete Real Estate Group

Mark Calvelo

Director & Founder

Complete Real Estate Group

Aldin Smalling

Creative Director

Complete Real Estate Group

Simone Smalling

Interior Design & Staging Coordinator

Complete Real Estate Group

Jonas Hibo

Project Manager & Lead Architect

Complete Real Estate Group

Alfred Gabriel

Financial Officer & Mortgage Specialist

Complete Real Estate Group

John Los Banos

Visual Media Coordinator & Photographer

Complete Real Estate Group

Lorie Bernardo

Residential Real Estate Specialist

Complete Real Estate Group

Mark Cochrane

Commercial Real Estate Specialist

Complete Real Estate Group

Meet the Team

Over the years, Complete Real Estate Group has made many connections that have led to many transactions, but has also connected many people in a lot of different industries from all walks of life.  These connections have shaped our business and created a clear vision for our future.  We believe by connecting with you we creating a relationship that will last.  We give critical advice to help ensure your decisions are sound.  We connect you with the best resources in and out of real estate to help with every day life.  We communicate with our clients frequently and provide useful tools for financing, lifestyle choice, location and future investments.  There's something great about being complete, but we know that our business cannot come full circle without you, your connections and ours.  Let's connect and make each and every day complete!

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